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Coinomi Wallet

This wallet is for Android and iPhone users that wish to receive and send Aion with their mobile phone or tablet.

Coinomi for Android - Google Play

Coinomi for iOS (Apple) - Apple Store

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet Core is an open-source cross-platform cross-blockchain wallet library. The library supports all common hashing functions, elliptic curve cryptography, key derivation, address encoding/decoding, and transaction signing for all supported blockchains, including Aion

Trust Wallet for Android - Google Play

Trust Wallet for iOS (Apple) - Apple Store

Makkii Wallet

Makkii wallet is a secure, convenient and trusted Crypto asset management tool, some of the main features are: Generate wallet for Aion, Support Ledger, Create & manage accounts, Send & receive transactions, DApp Market. Currently only available for Android devices. This wallet is made by Aion's China team called Chaion.

Makkii Wallet for Android - Google Play

Makkii Wallet for iOS (Apple) - Comming soon

Magnum Light Web Wallet

This is a light web wallet, only need to create your account/wallet and is good for all supported cryptocurrencies, including Aion.

Aion Official Desktop Wallet (Windows, Linux, MacOS)

The desktop wallet allows you to perform most functions

  • Create Aion Account (Address)
  • Send and Receive Aion
  • Ledger Hardware wallet support
  • Support for transport layer encrypted connection to Aion node using ZMQ standard encryption solution
  • Ability to generate an HD wallet path specific to Aion (m/44'/425'/0'/0')
  • Ability to create, manage and export accounts from HD path
  • Ability to import and export keystore accounts
  • Ability to view transaction history
  • Ability to view the sync status of the node

Operating Systems Supported

  • Windows : Windows 10 64-bit
  • Linux : Ubuntu 16.04 LTS 64-bit
  • MacOS : Mac OS High Sierra

Aion Desktop Wallet Repository - Download

Ubuntu Full Node Wallet

The desktop wallet allows you to have full access to the Aion blockchain.

  • RPC Port connection
  • Download the Full Blockchain

Aion Node Wallet - Download

Create Aion address keystore file using command ./ -a create