iOS monitoring App & guide

How to monitor your rigs using Ethereum Mining Monitor iOS App

  1. Download Ethereum Mining Monitor from the App Store

  2. Open the app and go to Settings tab, we are going to change Tab 3 from news to MiningPools as below

    Settings tab

    Select MiningPools for Tab 3

  3. Now open MiningPools tab and click on continue

    MiningPools tab

  4. From the coins list select Aion

    Select Aion

  5. Enter your wallet address, select AionPool-AION from the drop-down menu then connect

    Input wallet address and connect

  6. Now your wallet is saved and you can click on it everytime you open the app

    Select your wallet

  7. Enjoy monitoring your rig/s stats as well as pool stats

    Rig/s stats

    Rigs/Workers list


    Click on payments at the top to see ur last 300 payouts

    Last 300 payments